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Population and Language 

The population is 80% Lithuanian, 9.4% Russian, 7% Poles, and 3.6% other (Belarus, Ukrainians, Latvians, Jews, etc.). 

Major cities include: Vilnius, the capital, (578,200 inhabitants); Kaunas (414,500); Klaipeda (202,100); Šiauliai (147,100) and Panevėžys (133,500). 

Lithuanian has remarkably similar grammatical structures to Sanskrit. 

Climate : Lithuanian climate ranges between maritime and continental. The average temperatures are +23°C in July and -4.9°C in January.

National Holidays 

January 1 New Year's Day & National Flag Day
*January 13 Defenders of Freedom Day
February 16 Independence Day
March 11 Restoration of Lithuania's Independence
April 1 (2002) Easter
May 5 (2002) Mother's Day
*June 14 Day of Mourning and Hope
July6 Crowning of Mindaugas (Day of Statehood)
August 15 Žoline (Feast of the Assumption)
*August 23 Black Ribbon Day (Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact)
*September 8 Crowning of Vytautas the Great
*October 25 Constitution Day
November 1 All Saint's Day
December 25, 26 Christmas
* Indicates commemorative (working) holidays.



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